Smart Learn Class
Smart Learn Class is a path breaking revolution that has transformed the way teaching and learning happens in classrooms.
Every classroom is technology enabled with smart Learn class that provides tools and content mapped to the curriculum for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. Extramarks Smart Learn Classes have exposed the students to 21st century learning-teaching environment. By amalgamating state-of-the-art infrastructure and professionally developed content, Extramarks virtual Classes transform the conventional classrooms to an advanced student-centric online learning environment.
The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules built with an instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively transact the lesson in a typical classroom of diverse set of learners. Educational videos from Various sources are also available for teachers to use in the classroom.

This is a revolutionary programme in which a series of life skills workshop are conducted by professional trainers for children, parents & teachers. These workshops help the children to develop necessary skills and realize their potential to excel by better self management. The engaging workshops involve children in several meaningful group activities which are conducted by two professional trainers for a group of 30-40 students
The purpose for such workshops in school is to ensure that each child is exposed to skills like:-
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Character Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Respecting Elders
  • Making Friends
The children workshops include:-
  • Interacting with teachers confidently
  • Say “NO” to sibling rivalry
  • Goal setting
  • Public speaking
  • Positive thinking
  • Leadership
  • How to handle criticism positively, etc...
Such workshops in school are with a vision to make children look deeper and use thoughtful techniques to overcome the challenges of life.
Various workshops and counseling programmes on life skills, self management, parenting skills and child management skills are conducted for teachers and parents too.
With the help of such workshops children learn to depend on their routines and To-Do list, they feel a greater sense of control and competency and experience much less dilemma and stress in life.

In Physical Education Periods training is provided to the children in progressive and systematic manner by following a Sport Resource Manual which is developed by Australian Physical Education Teachers. This Manual contains six motor skills which is the base of almost all the games. Junior Sports India is engaged for this task specifically as they consist of a group of experienced Physical education Teachers who are committed to impart quality physical education through well structured lesson plan. These teachers go through workshop twice in a month. The daily plan are first discussed among the teachers everyday and then practically implemented with the class.
Instructors are trained by dynamic and knowledgeable Principals Besides traditional learning our Instructors are trained to gain additional skills including soft-skill training, time management, leadership skills, organizational management, communication skills and instructional techniques among others.
Such focused training equips our Instructors to improve the fundamental skills like manipulative, stability and locomotors skills at an early age. As a result children demonstrate better fitness and improved performance in sports.
The library is an important room in the school, a favourite with many members of the student fraternity and the school faculty. It is an area where one can get lost in the world of books-providing ample variety of choices to readers of all age groups. It has books of fiction, non-fiction, many classics, reference books, and textbooks. A variety of books in Hindi, Sanskrit and French are also available. It has approximately 12,000 books catalogued, classified and placed in different racks. Regular subscription of newspapers, magazines provide the latest updates in different areas. The library acts as a hub of all activities planned and executed in the school like inter-house, inter-school competitions and special assemblies. It caters to a wide variety of demands of students and teachers and in a way it serves as a resource centre. The library also organizes programmes like book week, workshops; meet the author, book review writing and book fairs to inculcate the love of reading.
Junior Wing
The Junior Wing is a child friendly with spacious air conditioned class rooms and activity areas for the students. The classes are well lit and furnished with interactive display boards that are periodically changed. An exceptional Play house is built inside the premises where children learn basic Etiquettes and Conducts of how to settle/arrange their bed, cupboard, book shelf and how to manage their room, kitchen etc. thereby Learning Dignity of Labour.
Children learn best through stories and to make learning an enjoyable experience we teach through puppets on a puppet theatre and other teachings aids. Teaching our little ones values and various life skills becomes really worthwhile.
Medical Room
Every child is medically examined periodically by a team of competent doctors. The school also has a MEDICAL ROOM with trained nurse and all necessary first aid equipment.
Chemistry Lab
The CHEMISTRY LAB is equipped as per CBSE requirements and syllabus. Well-qualified, experienced instructors and laboratory facilities are provided for regular practical, activities and prescribed project work. The well-ventilated, spacious lab can accommodate 36 students at a time. All chemicals and equipment required for practical and projects are provided. The lab has running water and gas supply with ample storage area for chemicals, equipment and balances. Help is provided to the students during a practical to facilitate their learning process.
Biology Lab
The BIOLOGY LAB has charts and permanent slides that depict how complex forms of life were evolved from simpler ones. This Lab is spacious and can accommodate 35 students easily at a time. Students perform practical tasks and activities with enthusiasm because it is only through this that they gain practical understanding of various concepts.
Computer Lab
COMPUTER LAB has been established for both the Junior & Senior students. Computer knowledge is imparted to the students from class I onwards. To generate further interest in computers, the students are encouraged to utilize Computer laboratory in their spare time. Various Soft-wares can be accessed such as Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Computer aided learning is conducted with the aid of CDs and internet. Laboratory facilities are provided for regular practical, activities and prescribed project work.
Physics Lab
The PHYSICS LAB is fully equipped with apparatus to carry out experiments and activities prescribed by CBSE and investigatory projects related to mechanics, light, magnetism, electricity, heat and optics. In the lab, students carry out various activities and relate them to real life situations. Students take keen interest in making working models in the lab.
Digital Classroom
The Digital classrooms by Edurite are equipped with the latest audio-video infrastructure based on the Edurite Tutoring Platform that employs unit-level multimedia tools, animations and interactive elements, making classes highly interesting and ensuring participation from all students. With unique features such as 3D graphics and the ability to magnify and go deep into the object under discussion, faculty members use these tools to maximise the learning experience for students.
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