Prince Public School, establishes the need to recognize the child as a natural learner and knowledge, as the outcome of the child’s own activity. The nursery stage, being the foundation of every child’s basic education, focuses on this child-centered pedagogy. The children actively construct their own knowledge of language, environmental studies and number work on the basis of materials and activities presented to them. Concrete material, contextualized examples, story-telling, interactive discussions, observations, project work, demonstrations, audio-visual aids, and excursions, all find place in the teaching-learning process. Focusing on the all-round personality development of its students, a lot of emphasis is given to the creative arts and physical education through Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Judo etc
Important festivals and birthdays of great leaders and philosophers are celebrated with pomp and joy to inculcate true Indian values and cultural heritage in students. Special Days like Friendship Day, Grandparent’s Day, and Smile Day etc. are celebrated incorporating special activities to let the children understand their significance in a fun-filled and effective way.

Primary Section

The primary learners are exposed to a vibrant process of learning which promotes and develops creative thinking and rational understanding in them. The students are engaged in constructive activities which stimulate them intellectually.

The different disciplines taught are English, Hindi, Math, E.V.S, General Knowledge and Computers. These widen their perspective to deal with real life situations effectively

A wide range of co-curricular activities are offered to the students to ensure their wholesome all-round development. These activities are incorporated into their Academic Time Table whereby they have an opportunity to learn the basics of these skills through regular exposures.

Senior Section

XI & XII students prepare for the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. Senior Secondary students are offered the following subjects:-

Science Stream : English, Mathematics, IP, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Education

Commerce Stream : English, Mathematics/IP, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies and Physical Education

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